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General overview

Traffic volume figures are set as a number of vehicles that pass through a certain stretch of road per 24 hours of a regular work day in both directions (typically as an average in one year, referred to as AADT). These figures are presented beside each road stretch in the traffic volume map (see link below). Traffic volume figures are important for plans of new road stretches or the widening of old ones. When planning a stretch, perspective traffic volume is taken into account (usually 20 years ahead) and is calculated with the use of a growth coefficient from actually measured figures. Every 5 years a national traffic census takes place to keep these figures up-to-date. Besides this census, on many stretches automatic counters are installed.

The highest figures on the Czech motorways appear on the D1 near Prague, where the AADT amounts to 98,000 vehicles per day, while the average for the whole D1 exceeds 35,000. However, the Prague City Ring Road (MO) holds the best record, especially some parts of the so called "Jižní spojka", where up to 120,000 vehicles pass through this stretch per 24 hours. The average traffic volume on the Czech motorways amounts to around 25,000 vehicles per day, whilst on regular first class roads (national roads) it is 9,000 vehicles per day.

Traffic volume maps and links

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